KQZ Institute

The mission of the Institute is to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good. We are proud to be the local partner of the RIS TOUR UK. 14th - 16th of July 2017. The Qur’an tells us, through example and parable, of many cosmological laws that God has decreed. We learn that our actions have deep consequences upon our lives in this world. From obedience to sin, justice to oppression, the Qur’an tells us all what will come of it, both in this life and the next. As we examine the state of the Muslims, we must ask, how can we help bring about its revival and restoration? Here too, the Qur’an tells us, if we but listen. What are the Qur’anic conditions for the revival of society? What responsibilities do we have therein? Have we contributed at all to our current condition or is it the result of external forces alone? As we look to change our state, what should our priorities be? With mindfulness of God at the core, this tour will inspire a renewed perspective on the challenges we face today and provide practical solutions for a positive and lasting change.




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